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“SupChina! A jewel in the crown of China reporting. I go to it, look for it daily. Why? It adds so much insight into the real China. Essential news, culture, color. Other reporting is good. I find SupChina superior.”

—The Honorable Max Baucus, former United States Ambassador to China

“In a very short time SupChina has become the go-to newsletter for a daily roundup of news, features and analysis about China. It’s the first source I recommend whenever someone asks me how they can stay abreast of political, economic, social and cultural developments in the country. In this age of hyperbole, SupChina provides a balanced view of how foreign media perceives the Middle Kingdom.”

—Cheng Li, Director of the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution

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—Leroy Chiao, former NASA Astronaut; CEO, One Orbit

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—Katrin B.


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As of May 14, 2018, we do three free newsletters a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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When it comes to the free emails and posts from our website, spread them as far and as wide as you like, on whatever platform you currently prefer. Occasionally forwarding subscribers-only emails is just fine too.